Make sure you vote on Tuesday!

Voting is one of the great privileges of living in the United States. Every citizen gets to participate in our government and have a say in the decisions that are made that will effect us both now and in the future.

Tuesday, Nov. 2, is election day and with many national, state and local offices up for grabs this year, it behooves every citizen to cast an informed ballot. There are many resources for getting informed right online so please do your homework before going to the polls.

Here’s a story from Baptist Press that lists some of the resources for finding out about the candidates:

ELECTION ’10: Online tools help voters make informed decision

Posted on Oct 29, 2010 | by Staff

WASHINGTON (BP)–Voters in 50 states go to the polls Tuesday, and there’s a host of Internet resources to help them cast an informed ballot.

Several pro-family groups have compiled scorecards reflecting how every representative and senator voted on key bills during the current Congress. If that’s not enough, several non-partisan websites quiz voters to gauge their ideology and then match them up with the candidate who best reflects their beliefs.

Following are a list of voter resources:

Family Research Council Action has posted a scorecard listing how all 435 representatives and 100 senators voted on key bills. For House members, the scorecard tallies 16 key votes, such as health care, homosexual issues and abortion funding. The Senate scorecard is more extensive and lists 24 votes, not only on health care but also on confirmation votes. Visit

Americans United for Life and National Right to Life have posted scorecards focusing solely on pro-life issues and how D.C. legislators voted. For the Americans United for Life scorecard, visit and click on “voting scorecard.” For the National Right to Life scorecard, visit and click on the “scorecard” icons on the right side of the page., a non-partisan website, gives visitors a quiz on their beliefs about various issues and then asks them to rank which issues are most important. The website then shows the reader the candidates who most align with their beliefs, ranked in order of closest match. The creators of the website said the concept for the site began in 2008, when a poll in Iowa showed 40 percent of voters in the primary didn’t know who they would vote for a day before the election. Visit

— Project Vote Smart’s Vote Easy non-partisan website shows candidates’ pictures and allows visitors to click on any of 12 issues (abortion, crime, economy, etc.). For each issue, the website lists which candidate best matches a visitor’s belief. Visit


Compiled by Michael Foust, an assistant editor of Baptist Press.

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