Full Senate Approves Ultrasound Bill

Kentucky Senate chambers

Senate Bill 9, the Ultrasound Informed Consent bill, went even faster through the Kentucky Senate than expected this week. Approval by the full Senate came on Thursday afternoon for the bill that will require giving a woman considering an abortion the opportunity to see an ultrasound of her developing baby before making a final decision.

The final vote was 32-5 with only the following senators opposing the bill:

Sen. Perry Clark, D-Louisville, did not vote.

Despite quick passage in the Senate, the bill has a difficult road ahead in the Kentucky House of Representatives. Similar bills have been sent to the House in the past but pro-abortion leaders there typically send the bill to a committee that never allows it to see the light of day on the floor of the House.

It is believed that the bill would pass the full House if it were ever allowed to receive a fair hearing. This means that it will be important for citizens to work to generate phone calls to House representatives during this short legislative session. After meeting all this week, the General Assembly will recess for three weeks. Legislators will then come back in February with the close of this year’s session slated for March 22.

If this issue is of concern to you, please don’t sit idly by and do nothing. Call your House representative and ask him or her to urge House leadership to support the Ultrasound Informed Consent bill.

Making the connection with your representative is easy even if you don’t know the legislator’s name. Just call the legislative message line at 800-372-7181. The operator will identify your representative for you within just a few seconds and take your message.

Click here to read the story about the bill’s passage in the Louisville Courier-Journal.

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