No Shortage of Bad Bills in 2011

It’s amazing the amount of bad legislation that gets proposed in the Kentucky General Assembly. Some proposals just take your breath away in terms of their foolishness. Here are just a couple:

House Bill 299 This bill, introduced by Rep. Arnold Simpson, District 65 (Kenton County), would permit the sale of alcohol on any election day. Yep, alcohol is going to help Kentucky voters make better decisions at the polls.

Senate Bill 99 This bill, introduced by Sen. Perry Clark, District 37 (Jefferson County), would permit charities to have slot machines and other electronic devices in their operations. Slots are, of course, what the big gambling corporations want to use to siphon money out of the pockets of Kentuckians. The strategy is apparently to get slots in somewhere as a way of opening the door for future slots barns. Unfortunately, these addictive instruments are bad news for the state’s economy and anyone who isn’t part of the gambling industry.

Pray that these bad bills won’t go anywhere this year.

You can let your voice be heard by your senators and representatives by calling the Legislative Message Line  at 1-800-372-7181.

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