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Alcohol Expansion Doesn’t Have to be Forever

Following local-option elections last month that saw two of three ballot initiatives to expand alcohol sales in the affected communities, Don Cole, executive director for the Kentucky Ethics League prepared these guidelines to help citizens continue to be a positive influence on the issue in those communities where expansion was approved: With the abundance of […]

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‘Mature’ Casino States Showing Losses

The following guest post was prepared by Dr. Ivan Zabilka, who has spent many years studying the impact of gambling on communities. His bio is at the bottom of the post: The “2011 State of the States” by the American Gaming Association has a chart on page 5 showing the consumer losses at casinos for […]

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Two Kentucky Areas Expand Alcohol Sales

Don Cole, executive director of the Kentucky Ethics League recently reported on various alcohol-related initiatives voted on by citizens in local communities on May 17. Here’s his report: I wanted to share the results of the alcohol option elections which took place in 3 Kentucky cities on May 17, 2011. As usual, there is more […]

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