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Owen County Votes to Remain Dry

This just in from the Kentucky Ethics League: We are extremely pleased to report that the voters of Owen County have rejected the proposal to expand alcohol sales in the county. The vote was held yesterday, July 26. Although a larger voter turnout was expected, only 44 percent of registered voters cast their ballots. The […]

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Guest Post: New Push for Gambling

By Ivan Zabilka Sorting out the political rhetoric in a Kentucky gubernatorial campaign is Byzantine in nature.  Senate President David Williams, the Republican candidate, said last week that there were enough votes in the Senate to place casinos on the ballot a year from November.  He challenged the governor to get the Democratic controlled House […]

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State Parks May Soon Be Selling Alcohol

Kentucky moved a big step closer to having alcohol sales at state parks last week when state lawmakers heard plans to do just that in a meeting of the Economic Development and Tourism Committee. The state has applied for licenses to allow alcohol sales at Jenny Wiley State Resort Park in Prestonsburg, General Butler State […]

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Go ‘Extra Mile’ To Share With Gay Friends

Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright is encouraging Christians to go the “extra mile” in seeking to share with people in the gay community about the love of Christ. Wright correctly points out that Christians’ effectiveness in witnessing has often been harmed by harsh, unloving approaches that tend to turn individuals away from Jesus rather […]

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Instant Racing is Clearly Gambling Expansion

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, a governor-appointed board tasked with regulating the conduct of horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing and related activities in Kentucky, recently voted to allow the Kentucky Downs racetrack in Franklin to add slots-like machines to its gambling offerings. Click here to read the news story about the decision. […]

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National Campaign Focuses on Porn’s Harm

Pornography is one of the most serious problems facing American families today as well as one of the most ignored problems by churches. Its disastrous impact is leaving a trail of destroyed lives and the latest statistics reveal that the problem is only escalating. To counter this assault, the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty […]

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A Respectful Debate on Abortion

Abortion is one of those topics where people have such strong opinions that it is easy to find oneself demonizing the opposition and seeking to score points through emotion. Here’s an example of a more Christ-like approach to discussing this issue. It’s the video from a recent debate between Scott Klusendorf of the Life Training […]

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