Go ‘Extra Mile’ To Share With Gay Friends

SBC President Bryant Wright

SBC President Bryant Wright

Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright is encouraging Christians to go the “extra mile” in seeking to share with people in the gay community about the love of Christ. Wright correctly points out that Christians’ effectiveness in witnessing has often been harmed by harsh, unloving approaches that tend to turn individuals away from Jesus rather than to Him.

Wright recently met with leaders of several GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered) activist groups during the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Phoenix in June. He points out that you don’t have to compromise in your beliefs about what the Bible teaches about marriage and sexuality in order to be friends and open to dialogue.

Here’s a story from Baptist Press about Wright’s experience:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Due to a negative view by the homosexual community of many Christians, believers must go the “extra mile” when witnessing to their homosexual friends and neighbors, Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright says.

Wright, pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, Ga., made the comments in light of his June 15 meeting with a coalition of homosexual leaders and their allies at the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Phoenix. Because of the media attention the meeting received, Baptist Press asked Wright for his follow-up thoughts.

The face-to-face meeting, Wright said, was fruitful.

“I think it’s always useful when we can sit down with anyone and share our faith in Christ,” Wright said. “When people are opposed to the Word of God on certain issues, we still have to trust God’s Word is true and deal with that tension.”

Click here to read the full story on the Baptist Press website.

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