Make Sure You Vote on Nov. 8!

All around the world today we see people rising up to remove dictators in the hope of replacing these despots with governments that promote democracy and freedom. Seeing their struggle should remind all Americans that we too once had to fight for our rights to a representative government as well.

Kentucky voters will have a chance to take advantage of that right once again on Nov. 8 when we go to the polls to elect leaders who will determine the direction of our state. Every Kentucky Baptist voter is encouraged to prayerfully consider the candidate choices and to cast a ballot.

Sometimes people fail to vote because they think their vote won’t make a difference — that one vote in a sea of many really has no effect on the outcome. That is certainly not the case, however, as we have seen multiple close elections in recent years that came down to just a few votes. Every vote counts and every individual voter can make a difference.

This is especially true here in Kentucky where Kentucky Baptists and Christians in general have great potential for impacting the outcomes of elections. There are approximately 2.8 million total voters in Kentucky. At the same time, there are more than 750,000 Kentucky Baptists (mostly of voting age).  This quite simply means that if Baptists go to the polls and vote according to the values that they profess in church, they can have tremendous influence in the direction our state leaders take our Commonwealth.

Once you’ve decided to vote, please do so in a discerning manner and with a prayerful heart. Don’t vote for candidates simply on the basis of what they look like, which party they represent or who your friends say they are supporting. Take a look at their positions, see which candidates’ values, positions and voting records line up with your thinking and ask for the Lord’s guidance as you vote.

Then, vote!

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