Casino Bill Goes Down to Defeat

The Kentucky Senate has voted 21-16 to defeat a proposal that could have led to as many as seven casinos operating to drain the Kentucky economy of more than a billion dollars each year. Many thanks are owed to all of those courageous senators who stood up to the tremendous pressure that was exerted by the gambling industry and Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear.

Senate Bill 151, which would have given Senate approval to placing a constitutional amendment on the November ballot to allow the casinos, needed to receive 23 votes (three-fifths of the senators) in order to move the proposal along to the House of Representatives. The fact that it did not receive even a simple majority, much less the 23 votes needed, demonstrates strongly that the Senate realizes the great damage these casinos could have done to our children, families and communities.

Thanks are also owed to the many, many Kentucky Baptists and other Kentucky citizens who prayed,  made calls to their legislators, attended rallies or meetings, and worked in other ways for the defeat of this bill. This result should be an encouragement about what is possible when people stand up for what is right and allow their voices to be heard by their government.

The Committee on Public Affairs is grateful as well to former KBC President Hershael York for his leadership in helping to mobilize citizens on this issue. In addition to speaking out strongly himself, Dr. York also helped to organize a rally at the Capitol earlier this week that helped to send a strong message to Kentucky legislators just ahead of the committee and floor debate.

Below are videos of remarks made at the rally by Kentucky Baptist Convention Executive Director Paul Chitwood and KBC President Adam Greenway.

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