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Ed Stetzer: Lotteries are bad for poor people

Powerball fever has once again swept the nation, and even many Christians are getting in the on the “fun.” In a recent post on his blog, respected LifeWay researcher Ed Stetzer makes a clear statement of why lotteries are bad, and shouldn’t be celebrated or supported: they are bad for poor people. Here’s Stetzer’s post: […]

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Vote Your Values This Tuesday

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Williams’ Appointment Will Likely Mean Gambling Push During Next Session

David Williams, a staunch opponent of expanding gambling in Kentucky, has resigned his Senate seat and his leadership position as president of the Senate to accept an appointment as a circuit court judge. According to story by WFPL, Kentucky Family Foundation policy analyst Martin Cothran believes Williams’ appointment by Gov. Steve Breshear was politically motivated. […]

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Does One Vote Matter? Yes!

Does one vote really matter? Yes, it does! Prepare now to vote next Tuesday, and encourage others to do the same.

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