Crucial Time for Pro-Life Bills; Action Needed Now

Two bills that would protect women and babies here in Kentucky have an opportunity to be heard in the legislature tomorrow.

The Democrat Majority-led House of Representatives has an opportunity to overcome partisanship and allow its members a vote on the SB 5, the Ultrasound Bill and SB 4, the Face-to-Face Consultation Bill.

The Ultrasound Bill would simply require abortionists to “turn the screen around,” giving a woman access to her own ultrasound medical records and the option of changing her mind before having an abortion performed.

The bills have both been sent to the House Health and Welfare Committee, which is scheduled to meet Thursday, Feb. 28 at noon. The leadership of the committee has signaled that it will not make it out of the committee.  If it can get out of any committee, it will easily be passed by the whole House.  Getting the bill through the committee hearing is crucial.  Here’s how you can help:

Respect women by calling your legislator at (800) 372-7181 and leaving him or her a message: “Allow women to see their ultrasounds, and let them have a proper face to face consultation before they decide on abortion.” Also ask the receptionist to copy your message to House leadership, asking them to let the whole House vote on it.


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