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From Christianity Today: Study Reveals Casinos Ruin Cities

A recent post on goes a long way towards debunking the myth that casinos offer economic salvation to floundering cities.  Among the facts: 1. Casinos are inwardly-focused by design. They are made so that customers go in and don’t come out. The idea that casinos boost nearby businesses is a myth. 2. Casinos primarily […]

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Kentucky Family Foundation Files Response Briefs in Instant Racing Case

Yesterday the Family Foundation of Kentucky filed its response briefs in the Kentucky Supreme Court “Instant Racing” case. When a trial court was deciding whether or not new “instant racing” video machines at racetracks are legal, the Kentucky Family Foundation was barred from asking questions or presenting evidence. The Family Foundation challenged the trial court’s […]

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Settlement Will Go Forward Over Sunrise’s Objections

A federal judge rejected Sunrise Children’s Homes bid to block a settlement agreement between the plaintiffs and the state of Kentucky that Sunrise alleges would single out Sunrise for undue scrutiny and place them at a competitive disadvantage with other child care providers. According to terms of the settlement, the commonwealth of Kentucky must ensure […]

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Chitwood Part of Panel Discussing Religious Freedom Act

KBC Executive Director-Treaser Paul Chitwood was among the panel members discussing the implications of the passage of the Religious Freedom Act in March of this year. See news coverage here: WDRB 41 Louisville – News, Weather, Sports Community The text of the law: Government shall not substantially burden a person’s freedom of religion. The right […]

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