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Memorial Day Reflections

By Mark Wohlander In an old fashioned way, Memorial Day is a special day for me.  It reminds me of the sacrifices of thousands of ordinary men and women who have served since the birth of our nation in order to protect our freedom. In an old fashioned way, Memorial Day reminds me of my […]

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Fewer than 4,500 tobacco farmers remain in Kentucky in wake of buyouts

John Rothenburger is one of fewer than 4,500 tobacco growers left in Kentucky — a state where the crop used to be king. Growing health concerns about tobacco use, as well as the increasing number of foreign growers, have devastated the industry in the state. A Shelby County tobacco farmer since 1974, Rothenburger started when […]

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Hal Heiner sends refreshing message by refusing state salary

EDITORIAL When our Frankfort reporter, Kristen Lowry, set out to write an article about Kentucky Education Secretary Hal Heiner, one of the more intriguing facts she uncovered was that he doesn’t accept a government salary. Mind you, it could have been a handsome salary. His predecessors in recent years were all paid well over $100,000 […]

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House Republicans get it right by striking provision to draft women

EDITORIAL In the midst of the political chaos on Capitol Hill, there are still some good decisions being made. Such was the case Tuesday when House Republicans removed a provision from the annual defense policy bill that would have forced America’s daughters to register for the military draft. GOP lawmakers wisely struck the provision before […]

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Gov. Bevin sets the bar high as defender of Kentucky values

EDITORIAL Gov. Matt Bevin has once again proven himself faithful in his defense of Kentucky values. He’s come out as a vocal opponent of the Obama administration’s overreach into public school bathrooms. The administration’s threat to withhold federal funding from schools that do not fall in line was clearly a bullying tactic. Click here to […]

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