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Open Hearts/Open Homes – Foster Care & Adoption Initiative

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES STUDY GROUP ON ADOPTION On March 10, 2017, Governor Bevin and the Cabinet for Health and Family Services held “A Summit to Save Our Children” in Frankfort. The summit was Governor’s official expression of his ongoing commitment to streamline the Foster Care/Adoption process in the Commonwealth. This initiative should be particularly exciting […]

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Federal Court Hearing on Kentucky’s Ultrasound Bill

On March 23, 2017, I had the privilege of attending the court hearing on House Bill, 2, commonly known as the ultrasound bill. House Bill 2 gives a pregnant mother the opportunity to view an ultrasound and hear the heartbeat of her unborn child prior to having an abortion. The hope is that if a […]

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Update from the 2017 Kentucky legislative session

By Tom Troth, Legislative Agent Kentucky Baptist Convention The members of the General Assembly have left Frankfort and returned to their home districts for the 10-day veto recess. They will return at noon on March 29, 2017, for two more days to deal with any potential Gubernatorial vetoes and to pass additional legislation. There were […]

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Chitwood, Hutcheson discuss gambling battle with ERLC’s Walker

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Instant Racing Decision Overturned

The Kentucky Court of Appeals has sent a lawsuit over the constitutionality of “instant racing” machines back to the circuit court level after ruling that the rules of pre-trial discovery were violated when the court first heard the case. The Family Foundation had sought to participate in a lawsuit over the Kentucky Racing Commission’s decision […]

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Pro-life Bill Has One Last Shot; Rally Planned

The Kentucky General Assembly will wrap up with 2012 next Thursday, April 12, but it’s not too late for citizens to make a difference! Next Thursday is “Veto Override” day, when the legislature can reconsider anything the governor vetoed this past week (and possibly override his veto if they deem that necessary). A bill that […]

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Senate Okays Religious Freedom Amendment; Calls Needed NOW to Win House Passage

Senate Bill 158, also known as ” The Religious Freedom Amendment,” has been approved by the Kentucky Senate but with time in this year’s Kentucky General Assembly passing rapidly, it’s important for Kentucky citizens to contact their House legislators on behalf of the measure. If approved by three-fifths of the House of Representatives as it […]

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Time Running Out to Cap Payday Lending

The following is a re-post of a recent blog from KBC Executive Director Paul Chitwood on the important issue of payday lending. With time running out in this year’s Kentucky General Assembly session, a bill to cap payday loans at 36 percent is stalled in a House committee. Call Now to Support Payday Lending Cap […]

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Pro-life Bills Barely Breathing

Kentucky Right to Life has issued an urgent call for pro-life citizens to make contacts with their legislators to try to save two pro-life bills that are dying in a House committee as this year’s General Assembly session winds down. Here’s their message: We are in the last two weeks of the 2012 Kentucky legislative […]

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Do We Really Need Drunk Voters?

A Senate bill that would increase the amount of income a restaurant bar can derive from alcohol sales now has an amendment to it that would also allow alcohol sales on election days. Both the original bill, Senate Bill 40, introduced by Sen. John Schickel, R-Union, and the amendment, which comes from a House bill […]

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London Voters Defeat Liquor Sales Push

Congratulations to the citizens of London on the defeat of a push to allow packaged liquor sales. On March 6, 54 percent of voters in a special election in London voted against the sales. It was the third city in southeastern Kentucky that have long been dry to deal with efforts to expand alcohol sales […]

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Religious Freedom Bill Passes Committee

Senate Bill 158, also known as ” The Religious Freedom Amendment,” has been approved by the Kentucky Senate’s State and Local Government Committee and now goes on for consideration by the full Senate. If approved by three-fifths of the Senate and House of Representatives, the bill would put a constitutional amendment on the ballot for […]

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Casinos Coming in Through Back Door

While we celebrate the fact that Gov. Steve Beshear’s latest effort to bring seven casinos to Kentucky failed miserably in the state senate, it’s important to realize that one casino already exists at the Kentucky Downs racetrack in Franklin and is quietly continuing to grow. In this post from The Gambling Notepad blog, gambling issue […]

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Here are the Voting Details on the Casino Bill

Here’s how Kentucky senators voted on the casino gambling bill yesterday. Senate Bill 151, which would have given Senate approval to placing a constitutional amendment on the November ballot allowing up to seven casinos across the Commonwealth, needed to receive 23 votes (three-fifths of the senators) in order to move the proposal along to the […]

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Casino Bill Goes Down to Defeat

The Kentucky Senate has voted 21-16 to defeat a proposal that could have led to as many as seven casinos operating to drain the Kentucky economy of more than a billion dollars each year. Many thanks are owed to all of those courageous senators who stood up to the tremendous pressure that was exerted by […]

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Hearing Set on Governor’s Casino Bill

A state Senate committee hearing on Gov. Steve Beshear’s plan to allow up to seven casinos in Kentucky is scheduled for Wednesday,  Feb. 22, and a vote on the bill in the full Senate could be held as early as Friday, according to the Family Foundation of Kentucky. The bill is assigned to the Senate’s […]

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Senate Okays Life Bills that House Will Abort

Two pro-life bills have now been approved by the Kentucky state Senate but if past experience is any guide, they are doomed to die in the House of Representatives without even getting a vote by the full House. Senate Bill 103, which would require that an abortionist at least give a woman the opportunity to […]

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Corbin Voters Approve Package Liquor Sales

Unlike voters in Barbourville who voted down alcohol sales last week, voters in the city of Corbin  decided in a local option election Tuesday to allow package liquor sales by a vote of 887-789. According to the Whitley County clerk, less than 33 percent of eligible voters cast ballots. We can’t help but wonder what […]

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Governor Finally Unveils Casino Plan

Gov. Steve Beshear’s long awaited casino gambling bill has finally been unveiled nearly halfway through the General Assembly’s 60-day session. He and Sen. Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown, announced the plan in a press conference in the capitol rotunda today. As expected, it is a terrible bill that calls for a constitutional amendment allowing up to  seven […]

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KBC Leaders Write Senators Re: Casinos

Kentucky Baptist Convention leaders sent a letter on Friday to all Kentucky state senators outlining the KBC’s opposition to proposals to expand gambling in the Commonwealth and spelling out some of the reasons all citizens should be concerned about these proposals. The letter is signed by KBC Executive Director Paul Chitwood, Committee on Public Affairs […]

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