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Ed Stetzer: Lotteries are bad for poor people

Powerball fever has once again swept the nation, and even many Christians are getting in the on the “fun.” In a recent post on his blog, respected LifeWay researcher Ed Stetzer makes a clear statement of why lotteries are bad, and shouldn’t be celebrated or supported: they are bad for poor people. Here’s Stetzer’s post: […]

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Vote Your Values This Tuesday

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Williams’ Appointment Will Likely Mean Gambling Push During Next Session

David Williams, a staunch opponent of expanding gambling in Kentucky, has resigned his Senate seat and his leadership position as president of the Senate to accept an appointment as a circuit court judge. According to story by WFPL, Kentucky Family Foundation policy analyst Martin Cothran believes Williams’ appointment by Gov. Steve Breshear was politically motivated. […]

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Are you ready to vote your values this November?

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Casino-style gambling continues to expand in Kentucky

According to the Henderson Gleaner, “Ellis Park will go live with its new casino-style Instant Racing parlor on Friday morning, just before the Labor Day holiday weekend and the conclusion of its 2012 live racing meet, owner Ron Geary said Wednesday. Instant Racing electronic machines, which resemble slot machines, allow gamblers to bet on previously run […]

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Instant Racing Decision Overturned

The Kentucky Court of Appeals has sent a lawsuit over the constitutionality of “instant racing” machines back to the circuit court level after ruling that the rules of pre-trial discovery were violated when the court first heard the case. The Family Foundation had sought to participate in a lawsuit over the Kentucky Racing Commission’s decision […]

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Casinos Coming in Through Back Door

While we celebrate the fact that Gov. Steve Beshear’s latest effort to bring seven casinos to Kentucky failed miserably in the state senate, it’s important to realize that one casino already exists at the Kentucky Downs racetrack in Franklin and is quietly continuing to grow. In this post from The Gambling Notepad blog, gambling issue […]

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Here are the Voting Details on the Casino Bill

Here’s how Kentucky senators voted on the casino gambling bill yesterday. Senate Bill 151, which would have given Senate approval to placing a constitutional amendment on the November ballot allowing up to seven casinos across the Commonwealth, needed to receive 23 votes (three-fifths of the senators) in order to move the proposal along to the […]

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Casino Bill Goes Down to Defeat

The Kentucky Senate has voted 21-16 to defeat a proposal that could have led to as many as seven casinos operating to drain the Kentucky economy of more than a billion dollars each year. Many thanks are owed to all of those courageous senators who stood up to the tremendous pressure that was exerted by […]

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Hearing Set on Governor’s Casino Bill

A state Senate committee hearing on Gov. Steve Beshear’s plan to allow up to seven casinos in Kentucky is scheduled for Wednesday,  Feb. 22, and a vote on the bill in the full Senate could be held as early as Friday, according to the Family Foundation of Kentucky. The bill is assigned to the Senate’s […]

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Take a Stand Against Casinos on Feb. 21

Dr. Hershael York, former president of the Kentucky Baptist Convention and pastor of Buck Run Baptist Church in Frankfort, is strongly encouraging Christians across the state to join him in taking a stand against the expansion of gambling in Kentucky at a special rally scheduled for 3 p.m. on Tuesday, February 21, at the capitol […]

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Governor Finally Unveils Casino Plan

Gov. Steve Beshear’s long awaited casino gambling bill has finally been unveiled nearly halfway through the General Assembly’s 60-day session. He and Sen. Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown, announced the plan in a press conference in the capitol rotunda today. As expected, it is a terrible bill that calls for a constitutional amendment allowing up to  seven […]

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KBC Leaders Write Senators Re: Casinos

Kentucky Baptist Convention leaders sent a letter on Friday to all Kentucky state senators outlining the KBC’s opposition to proposals to expand gambling in the Commonwealth and spelling out some of the reasons all citizens should be concerned about these proposals. The letter is signed by KBC Executive Director Paul Chitwood, Committee on Public Affairs […]

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Resolution Opposes Gambling Expansion

The Crittenden Baptist Association recently approved a strongly-worded resolution opposing gambling expansion proposals in the Kentucky General Assembly. Here’s the text: We the churches of the Crittenden Baptist Association, members of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention, do admonish you the legislative and executive branches of this great Commonwealth of Kentucky, to […]

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Slot Machines: The Big Gamble

Gov. Steve Beshear has put off submitting his gambling expansion bill for a few more days to allow the courts to settle legislature redistricting issues which have delayed the filing deadline for candidates for General Assembly seats. State senators and representatives are always leery of taking controversial stands before the filing deadline because they want […]

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Call Your Senator TODAY on Gambling Issue

The politicking over bringing more gambling to Kentucky is getting hot and heavy. Gov. Steve Beshear said Monday that he believes he has the 23 votes he needs to get a bill calling for a constitutional amendment on expanded gambling through the state Senate. The Family Foundation of Kentucky says its count of senators shows […]

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No Easy Money Found in Gambling Expansion

Right click here to download this video. The Committee on Public Affairs has just released two anti-gambling expansion videos that take an entertainment approach to communicating the message that gambling expansion is a bad idea for Kentucky. The videos feature magician David Garrard, minister to children at St. Matthews Baptist Church in Louisville. Each video […]

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‘Over the River’ Gambling Estimates Inflated

Expanded gambling proponents often talk about the need to recapture Kentucky money going “across the river” to Indiana and Ohio casinos as justification for adding casinos in Kentucky. The flawed logic used to make this claim is that if there are casinos on the Kentucky side of the river, gamblers will stay at home and […]

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Governor, Senator Ready With Casinos Bill

News media are reporting that Gov. Steve Beshear has come to an agreement with Sen. Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown, on the language for a bill calling for a constitutional amendment to expand gambling. The governor has previously said that he wants an amendment that would allow up to nine casinos across the state. Thayer has not […]

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Gambling Studies: Math in Fantasyland

Gambling industry expert Ivan Zabilka* recently wrote a blog post about the latest gambling industry “study” about the economic impact of expanded gambling.  His post shows how the industry seeks to manipulate the economic numbers for its purposes in a kind of “math in fantasyland” fashion. Here are Ivan’s thoughts from his blog, The Gambling […]

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