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Something’s Smelling Mighty Bad in Frankfort

The big gambling corporations think they are smelling victory on bringing casinos to Kentucky and it’s an odor that stinks to high heavens. The gamblers are planning to go all out this coming legislative session to win approval to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot for voters in November.  They think they have what […]

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Pro-life Events Coming Up in January

If you are pro-life and want to add action to your belief, you may want to consider a couple of upcoming pro-life events that are being sponsored by Kentucky Right to Life: Monday, January 23: Pro-life people from throughout Kentuckiana will meet at the Metro Hall steps (527 Jefferson St., Louisville) for the annual Rally […]

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Kentucky Legislators Form Prayer Caucus

A number of Kentucky legislators have formed a bi-partisan prayer caucus for the General Assembly and are inviting citizens to attend a “Kentucky Call to Prayer Day” at the state capitol building in Frankfort. The prayer day event will be held at 12 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 10 in the capitol building rotunda. The state […]

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2011 Abortions Approaching 3,500

According to the latest statistics provided by Right to Life of Louisville (part of Kentucky Right to Life), an estimated 277 abortions were performed at the state’s largest abortion clinic in Louisville in November. That brings the estimated total for the year to 3,367 with December stats still to come. The abortions were performed at […]

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Bill Seeks Alcohol Expansion in Restaurants

Don Cole, executive director of the Kentucky Ethics League, has alerted us to a bill that has been prefiled for the 2012 Kentucky General Assembly session to expand alcohol sales in restaurants. Here are Cole’s comments: As I have stated many times before the alcohol industry is never satisfied. Several years ago two bills were […]

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Keene Casino Idea is Bad News for Kentucky

The big gambling corporations are loving Rep. Dennis Keene, D-Wilder, after he pre-filed a bill for the 2012 session of the Kentucky General Assembly that would allow local communities to have a local option election to put up a casino in their town or city. This is a terrible idea for many reasons but here […]

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Major Alcohol Expansion Push Reported

We’ve just received the following report from Kentucky Ethics League Director Don Cole about alcohol sales expansion efforts: THERE IS A MAJOR PUSH IN THE SOUTHEN SECTOR OF I-75 to expand alcohol sales. The following cities and/or their counties are having petitions circulated, getting signatures, to call for the election. They are Barbourville, Williamsburg, Pineville, […]

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Expanded Gambling Is Bad Public Policy

It’s certainly no surprise but it is definitely a continuing disappointment to see that Kentucky’s governor is once again bowing to pressure from the big gambling corporations and plans to push gambling expansion yet again in the coming session of the General Assembly. Even if you set aside the purely moral arguments against expanding gambling, […]

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Milburn Delivers Public Affairs Report

In this video, Kentucky Baptist Convention Committee on Public Affairs Chairman Kevin Milburn delivers the 2011 report to messengers attending the KBC Annual Meeting at Florence Baptist Church at Mt. Zion on Nov. 15, 2011. Here’s the written version of his report as it appeared in the 2011 KBC Book of Reports: Committee on Public […]

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KBC Takes Stand on Payday Lending

The Kentucky Baptist Convention, meeting in its annual session Nov. 15 at Florence Baptist Church at Mt. Zion, passed a resolution calling for the capping of the interest rate on “payday” type loans at 36 percent. The current loans, which can end up having triple digit interest rates, tend to target the poor and can […]

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Make Sure You Vote on Nov. 8!

All around the world today we see people rising up to remove dictators in the hope of replacing these despots with governments that promote democracy and freedom. Seeing their struggle should remind all Americans that we too once had to fight for our rights to a representative government as well. Kentucky voters will have a […]

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Baptists Must Be Vigilant on Gambling

This recent news release from the Kentucky Baptist Convention highlights the need for Kentucky Baptists to be very wary and vigilant regarding attempts to expand gambling that may soon be facing the state: FRANKFORT – Kentucky Baptist leaders and other experts say that with a gubernatorial election in November, a racing industry in decline and […]

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The Smartest Guys NOT in the Room

Check out this really interesting article from the Stop Predatory Gambling website. It lists quite a few of the big players in the gambling industry who refuse to gamble themselves because they know what a waste of money it is. Predatory gambling operators often say their business is no different than “drinking wine, going out […]

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2011 Louisville Abortion Total Tops 2,500

The latest estimates on abortion in Louisville this year are in with the total rising to 2,584, according to Right to Life of Louisville. The abortions are based on the count of the number of women who have gone into the EMW Women’s Surgical Center in downtown Louisville where most of the state’s abortions are […]

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Kentucky Downs Machines a Ridiculous Ruse

The ridiculousness of the Kentucky Downs claim that its new gambling parlor is full of “instant racing” machines as opposed to illegal slot machines has been made plain in a video of one of the machines in action just released by the Family Foundation of Kentucky. You might have to squint but if you look […]

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Racetrack Unilaterally Expands Gambling

It’s a sad day in the commonwealth as Kentucky Downs in Franklin unilaterally expands gambling without legislative or voter approval. The racetrack today opens a new gambling parlor with 200 “instant racing” machines. The racetrack is trying to claim that these machines are somehow “parimutuel” games because users are really just betting on old horse […]

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Alcohol and State Parks Don’t Mix

As shared here previously, the state of Kentucky is moving rapidly to begin serving alcohol at state parks. But because alcohol use has become so pervasive in our culture, many, including many Christians, fail to see this as a problem. If you find yourself in this position, here’s some food for thought from the Kentucky […]

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Owen County Votes to Remain Dry

This just in from the Kentucky Ethics League: We are extremely pleased to report that the voters of Owen County have rejected the proposal to expand alcohol sales in the county. The vote was held yesterday, July 26. Although a larger voter turnout was expected, only 44 percent of registered voters cast their ballots. The […]

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Guest Post: New Push for Gambling

By Ivan Zabilka Sorting out the political rhetoric in a Kentucky gubernatorial campaign is Byzantine in nature.  Senate President David Williams, the Republican candidate, said last week that there were enough votes in the Senate to place casinos on the ballot a year from November.  He challenged the governor to get the Democratic controlled House […]

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State Parks May Soon Be Selling Alcohol

Kentucky moved a big step closer to having alcohol sales at state parks last week when state lawmakers heard plans to do just that in a meeting of the Economic Development and Tourism Committee. The state has applied for licenses to allow alcohol sales at Jenny Wiley State Resort Park in Prestonsburg, General Butler State […]

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