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Do We Really Need Drunk Voters?

A Senate bill that would increase the amount of income a restaurant bar can derive from alcohol sales now has an amendment to it that would also allow alcohol sales on election days. Both the original bill, Senate Bill 40, introduced by Sen. John Schickel, R-Union, and the amendment, which comes from a House bill […]

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Senate Okays Life Bills that House Will Abort

Two pro-life bills have now been approved by the Kentucky state Senate but if past experience is any guide, they are doomed to die in the House of Representatives without even getting a vote by the full House. Senate Bill 103, which would require that an abortionist at least give a woman the opportunity to […]

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Barbourville Citizens Vote to Remain Dry

Congratulations to the citizens of Barbourville on their decision yesterday to block alcohol sales in the city. City residents rejected a push to make Barbourville wet by a tally of 55 percent “no” to 45 percent “yes,” according to The Mountain Advocate newspaper in Knox County. Final vote tallies for the local option election were […]

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Slot Machines: The Big Gamble

Gov. Steve Beshear has put off submitting his gambling expansion bill for a few more days to allow the courts to settle legislature redistricting issues which have delayed the filing deadline for candidates for General Assembly seats. State senators and representatives are always leery of taking controversial stands before the filing deadline because they want […]

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‘Over the River’ Gambling Estimates Inflated

Expanded gambling proponents often talk about the need to recapture Kentucky money going “across the river” to Indiana and Ohio casinos as justification for adding casinos in Kentucky. The flawed logic used to make this claim is that if there are casinos on the Kentucky side of the river, gamblers will stay at home and […]

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A Prayer for the Commonwealth

KBC Executive Director Paul Chitwood was invited to offer the invocation for a joint session of the General Assembly gathered to hear the governor’s 2012 State of the Commonwealth Address on Jan. 4. Click here to see the video of the entire joint session with the governor’s speech. In part, Dr. Chitwood prayed: Lord let […]

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Chitwood to Pray Before Governor’s Speech

Dr. Paul Chitwood, executive director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, will be leading the opening prayer for a joint session of the state General Assembly called to hear the governor’s annual State of the Commonwealth address at 7 p.m. Eastern tonight (Jan. 4) at the state capitol building in Frankfort. The speech will air on […]

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Major Alcohol Expansion Push Reported

We’ve just received the following report from Kentucky Ethics League Director Don Cole about alcohol sales expansion efforts: THERE IS A MAJOR PUSH IN THE SOUTHEN SECTOR OF I-75 to expand alcohol sales. The following cities and/or their counties are having petitions circulated, getting signatures, to call for the election. They are Barbourville, Williamsburg, Pineville, […]

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Expanded Gambling Is Bad Public Policy

It’s certainly no surprise but it is definitely a continuing disappointment to see that Kentucky’s governor is once again bowing to pressure from the big gambling corporations and plans to push gambling expansion yet again in the coming session of the General Assembly. Even if you set aside the purely moral arguments against expanding gambling, […]

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Remember to Vote on Tuesday

Election Day in Kentucky is almost here. Remember to vote on Tuesday. Here are two voter information sites that may help you make decisions about the candidates: Vote KY Vote Kentucky U.S.

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Another Gambling Fight Looming in 2012

Voters haven’t even cast their ballots in the Nov. 8 election yet but with polls predicting a sizable victory for Kentucky’s pro-gambling governor, the gambling industry is already gearing up for a big expansion push in the 2012 General Assembly session that starts in January. The Louisville Courier-Journal ran a front page article Oct. 26 […]

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Make Sure You Vote on Nov. 8!

All around the world today we see people rising up to remove dictators in the hope of replacing these despots with governments that promote democracy and freedom. Seeing their struggle should remind all Americans that we too once had to fight for our rights to a representative government as well. Kentucky voters will have a […]

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Alcohol and State Parks Don’t Mix

As shared here previously, the state of Kentucky is moving rapidly to begin serving alcohol at state parks. But because alcohol use has become so pervasive in our culture, many, including many Christians, fail to see this as a problem. If you find yourself in this position, here’s some food for thought from the Kentucky […]

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Owen County Votes to Remain Dry

This just in from the Kentucky Ethics League: We are extremely pleased to report that the voters of Owen County have rejected the proposal to expand alcohol sales in the county. The vote was held yesterday, July 26. Although a larger voter turnout was expected, only 44 percent of registered voters cast their ballots. The […]

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Guest Post: New Push for Gambling

By Ivan Zabilka Sorting out the political rhetoric in a Kentucky gubernatorial campaign is Byzantine in nature.  Senate President David Williams, the Republican candidate, said last week that there were enough votes in the Senate to place casinos on the ballot a year from November.  He challenged the governor to get the Democratic controlled House […]

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Pro-life Bills May Die Thursday, Call Today!

Senate Bill 9 and House Bill 215 may be heard and killed in the Kentucky House Health and Welfare Committee on Thursday. Please pray that legislators will allow these bills to come to the floor of the House to receive a fair hearing and vote. And, if you haven’t done so already, please contact your […]

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Arrogance of Pro-abortion Leaders Appalling

The level of arrogance among pro-abortion legislators in Kentucky is appalling. As has been the case for the past six years, the House Committee on Committees has assigned several pro-life bills – SB 9, HB 215, HB 243, and others — to the House Health and Welfare Committee for the express purpose of killing them […]

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No Shortage of Bad Bills in 2011

It’s amazing the amount of bad legislation that gets proposed in the Kentucky General Assembly. Some proposals just take your breath away in terms of their foolishness. Here are just a couple: House Bill 299 – This bill, introduced by Rep. Arnold Simpson, District 65 (Kenton County), would permit the sale of alcohol on any election […]

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Would You Lift a Finger to Save a Life?

Sometimes an issue is complicated. Sometimes it’s hard to know what action to take even when you have a strong sense of what is right or wrong about an issue. Sometimes issues are painted in shades of gray rather than in black and white. Guess what? This isn’t one of those times. If you support […]

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Pro-life Rallies Set for State Capitol on Feb. 3

Feb. 3 will be a special day at the state capitol building in Frankfort as citizens opposed to abortion make their voices heard in special events at the state Capitol Building. Up first at 10 a.m. will be a rally on the Capitol Building steps featuring Kentucky women who regret their abortions and believe they […]

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