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Another Gambling Fight Looming in 2012

Voters haven’t even cast their ballots in the Nov. 8 election yet but with polls predicting a sizable victory for Kentucky’s pro-gambling governor, the gambling industry is already gearing up for a big expansion push in the 2012 General Assembly session that starts in January. The Louisville Courier-Journal ran a front page article Oct. 26 […]

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Make Sure You Vote on Nov. 8!

All around the world today we see people rising up to remove dictators in the hope of replacing these despots with governments that promote democracy and freedom. Seeing their struggle should remind all Americans that we too once had to fight for our rights to a representative government as well. Kentucky voters will have a […]

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Baptists Must Be Vigilant on Gambling

This recent news release from the Kentucky Baptist Convention highlights the need for Kentucky Baptists to be very wary and vigilant regarding attempts to expand gambling that may soon be facing the state: FRANKFORT – Kentucky Baptist leaders and other experts say that with a gubernatorial election in November, a racing industry in decline and […]

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The Smartest Guys NOT in the Room

Check out this really interesting article from the Stop Predatory Gambling website. It lists quite a few of the big players in the gambling industry who refuse to gamble themselves because they know what a waste of money it is. Predatory gambling operators often say their business is no different than “drinking wine, going out […]

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