Sharing the Facts on Gambling Suffering

Ivan Zabilka

Ivan Zabilka

Interested in taking a deeper look at the false claims made by the gambling industry in its efforts to expand gambling across the nation (including Kentucky)? Check out the online book Suffering: the Pain that Casinos Cause by Ivan Zabilka.

The book considers 11 propositions frequently stated by gambling proponents in their public effort to introduce casinos to a new location. The book starts with a look at the claim that casino gambling is “just a game” and discusses the facts surrounding addiction and how certain groups of people are targeted by casinos. Zabilka also looks at the inflated claims about community development and tax revenue as well as the facts about crime, government corruption and social problems.

Zabilka, who is periodically featured as a guest writer on this site, is a retired educator and historian. He was a teacher and administrator at both the secondary and collegiate levels for 44 years. He has two theological degrees (M.Div. and Th.M.) from Asbury Theological Seminary and two degrees in U. S. History (M.A. and Ph.D.) from the University of Kentucky, with a specialty in the history of science. He has been an active opponent of gambling expansion since 1992 when he personally saw in his classroom the damage caused by gambling. He has three published books and numerous published articles in both history and about gambling. He is currently president of Citizens Against Gambling Expansion (KY), a board member of The Kentucky League on Alcohol and Gambling Problems, a founding member of Citizens Against Gambling Expansion (CAGE), and a research consultant with The Family Foundation of Kentucky. He is listed in Who’s Who in American Education and in Who’s Who in America.

The book, written in 2008, is well sourced and cited and can be very helpful to pastors and others wishing to speak out about the latest push for expanded gambling in Kentucky.

Zabilka also writes regular articles about gambling that can be found at his website: The Gambling Notepad at

Other resources about gambling, including sermon outlines and fact sheets, are also available on this site. Just click on the “Issues” tab in the navigation area of this page.

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