From Christianity Today: Study Reveals Casinos Ruin Cities

A recent post on goes a long way towards debunking the myth that casinos offer economic salvation to floundering cities.  Among the facts:

1. Casinos are inwardly-focused by design. They are made so that customers go in and don’t come out. The idea that casinos boost nearby businesses is a myth.

2. Casinos primarily attract a local audience.  That means visitors aren’t pumping new dollars into the economy; they are merely shifting money that would have been spent elsewhere in the community into the casino’s coffers.

3. Casinos have a big footprint.  They require huge buildings and parking structures that suck up a precious, limited resource: downtown real estate.

You should also check out the post “Casinos Are City-Ruiners” by Richard Florida on Key quote:

If there’s one truth we know about casinos, it’s that the house always wins. Casinos generate mega-profits for their developer-owners, who don’t have to deal with the myriads of problems they cause for the cities in which they are located.

Gamblers might fool themselves into thinking that they can get something for nothing, but cities and governments should know better. For all the ostensible billions in tax revenue, spillovers from increased tourism, and higher property values casinos supposedly generate, when all the social, moral, and monetary costs that they levy on cities are added up, they have almost always proven themselves to be financial and economic disasters.

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