Letter to the Editor: Reject Gambling

The following letter to the editor appears in the January 16, 2014 edition of the Courier-Journal. The letter was written by James A. Smith, Sr. of Louisville.

There are at least two good reasons Kentuckians should reject Gov. Steve Beshear’s latest attempt to introduce casino gambling to our state.

First, it’s terrible public policy to bring casinos to our state since expanded gambling always fails independent cost-benefit analyses. Earl Grinols, distinguished professor of economics at Baylor University, has calculated that the social costs to the government resulting from casino gambling is $3 for every $1 generated by the activity. Clearly, casinos will cost more than they will help.

Casinos should be rejected because it’s nothing less than evil that Gov. Beshear — and legislative supporters — would rely upon making their own citizens losers to pay the state’s bills. The gambler/citizen has to lose in order for the state to get its revenues. Indeed, it’s profoundly immoral that the governor in his Jan. 7 address argued casinos in the Bluegrass would keep our tax dollars from flowing “across our borders.” It’s incredible the governor would brazenly prey on his own citizens.

It’s bad public policy and exploitation of citizens to permit casinos in our state.


Consider writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper voicing your opposition to gambling expansion.

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