Casino gambling bill once again fails to move forward in the Kentucky General Assembly

By Tom Troth

TrothWith only four legislative days remaining in the 2016 session, as Kentucky Baptists, I believe we can once again give thanks to God that a bill to expand casino gambling in the Commonwealth of Kentucky has failed to gain traction.

Senate Bill 144, co-sponsored by Morgan McGarvey and Julie Raque-Adams would have submitted a proposed constitutional amendment to the voters that, if passed, would have allowed the General Assembly to pass legislation to allow for casino gambling in this state.

Under the legislation, 90 percent of the state’s revenue from casinos or other forms of expanded gaming for the first 10 years would be allocated to fund shortfalls in the Kentucky Retirement Systems and the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System. The remaining 10 percent would be allocated toward purses for the horse racing industry.

Thankfully this legislation was never even called for a hearing in the Senate.

We need to thank the members of the Kentucky General Assembly, both Democrat and Republican for their resolve not to allow casino gambling to invade the state of Kentucky. Click the photo below to read more about the casino gambling proposal at Kentucky Today.

Tom Troth serves as a legislative agent for the Kentucky Baptist Convention and a pastor in Frankfort, Ky.

KYT screen


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