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Memorial Day Reflections

By Mark Wohlander In an old fashioned way, Memorial Day is a special day for me.  It reminds me of the sacrifices of thousands of ordinary men and women who have served since the birth of our nation in order to protect our freedom. In an old fashioned way, Memorial Day reminds me of my […]

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Gov. Bevin sets the bar high as defender of Kentucky values

EDITORIAL Gov. Matt Bevin has once again proven himself faithful in his defense of Kentucky values. He’s come out as a vocal opponent of the Obama administration’s overreach into public school bathrooms. The administration’s threat to withhold federal funding from schools that do not fall in line was clearly a bullying tactic. Click here to […]

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ERLC President-Elect on CSPAN

(BAPTIST PRESS) In his first television appearance since being named president-elect of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Russell Moore was forthright in his positions but stressed the importance of Christians being Kingdom-minded in approaching issues. Moore, who will officially begin June 1 with the SBC’s entity for moral and religious liberty […]

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ACLU: “Churchgoers will use HB 279 to get out of parking tickets.”

According to an article which appears on the Lexington Herald-Leader website, opponents of the Religious Freedom Act (HB 279) are putting forth a variety of arguments in attempt to derail the legislation, which has already cleared the House and Senate and now awaits Gov. Steve Beshear’s signature.  Among the more outlandish arguments: Derek Selznick of […]

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Senate Okays Religious Freedom Amendment; Calls Needed NOW to Win House Passage

Senate Bill 158, also known as ” The Religious Freedom Amendment,” has been approved by the Kentucky Senate but with time in this year’s Kentucky General Assembly passing rapidly, it’s important for Kentucky citizens to contact their House legislators on behalf of the measure. If approved by three-fifths of the House of Representatives as it […]

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Time Running Out to Cap Payday Lending

The following is a re-post of a recent blog from KBC Executive Director Paul Chitwood on the important issue of payday lending. With time running out in this year’s Kentucky General Assembly session, a bill to cap payday loans at 36 percent is stalled in a House committee. Call Now to Support Payday Lending Cap […]

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No Easy Money Found in Gambling Expansion

Right click here to download this video. The Committee on Public Affairs has just released two anti-gambling expansion videos that take an entertainment approach to communicating the message that gambling expansion is a bad idea for Kentucky. The videos feature magician David Garrard, minister to children at St. Matthews Baptist Church in Louisville. Each video […]

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‘Over the River’ Gambling Estimates Inflated

Expanded gambling proponents often talk about the need to recapture Kentucky money going “across the river” to Indiana and Ohio casinos as justification for adding casinos in Kentucky. The flawed logic used to make this claim is that if there are casinos on the Kentucky side of the river, gamblers will stay at home and […]

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Big Casino Brother is Watching You

When you see the letters CSI, your first thought might be of the popular television show set in Las Vegas that follows its stars through a “crime scene investigation.” That CSI is fiction but the real-life CSI is much more ominous. It stands for “Casino Share Intelligence” and describes how the ATM vendors at casinos […]

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Casino Prayer Getting Lots of Attention

A prayer by a Kentucky Baptist pastor is getting a lot of attention here in Kentucky these days. Dr. Hershael York, pastor of Buck Run Baptist Church in Frankfort and a former Kentucky Baptist Convention president, had the opportunity to pray just before a joint session of the Kentucky General Assembly on Jan. 17. The […]

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Associations Stand Against Gambling

Two Kentucky Baptist associations have taken action in the past week to oppose gambling expansion efforts: The South District Baptist Association Executive Board voted unanimously Jan. 9 to oppose an expansion of gambling in the Commonwealth and have communicated the association’s stand to area legislators. Jim Clontz serves as director of missions in this association. […]

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Louisville Abortions Top 3,600 for 2011

According to the latest statistics provided by Right to Life of Louisville (part of Kentucky Right to Life), an estimated 284 abortions were performed at the state’s largest abortion clinic in Louisville in December. That brings the estimated total for the year to 3,651. The abortions were performed at the EMW Women’s Surgical Center in […]

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Sharing the Facts on Gambling Suffering

Interested in taking a deeper look at the false claims made by the gambling industry in its efforts to expand gambling across the nation (including Kentucky)? Check out the online book Suffering: the Pain that Casinos Cause by Ivan Zabilka. The book considers 11 propositions frequently stated by gambling proponents in their public effort to introduce […]

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Expanded Gambling Will Only Bring Suffering

Don Cole, executive director of the Kentucky Ethics League, recently spoke out about about Gov. Steve Beshear’s proposal for a constitutional amendment to allow up to nine casinos in Kentucky. Here’s what he had to say: Now is the time for the citizens of Kentucky to speak up and let their voices be heard. This […]

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A Prayer for the Commonwealth

KBC Executive Director Paul Chitwood was invited to offer the invocation for a joint session of the General Assembly gathered to hear the governor’s 2012 State of the Commonwealth Address on Jan. 4. Click here to see the video of the entire joint session with the governor’s speech. In part, Dr. Chitwood prayed: Lord let […]

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House Bill Would Ban Synthetic Marijuana

It takes constant vigilance to try to stay ahead of drug dealers continually looking for new ways to help people get high. The latest effort is through the sale of what is known as synthetic marijuana or synthetic cannibis. Essentially this drug is plant material that is treated with chemicals. When smoked, the chemicals give […]

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Prayer Event Set for Capitol on Jan. 10

Jan. 10 is Kentucky Call to Prayer Day which will mark the formation of a Kentucky Legislative Prayer Caucus in the General Assembly in Frankfort. The event will be held in the capitol rotunda at 12 p.m. Visit for more information.

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An Invitation to Take a Stand for Life

With Sanctity of Life Sunday coming up for Southern Baptist churches on Jan. 15, this is a good time to focus on an initiative called “The Invitation Stands.” This initiative seeks to build closer relationships between Southern Baptist Churches and pregnancy resource centers during 2012. Church members can participate in the following ways. 1. Visit […]

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Payday Lending Questions Answered

The Kentucky Baptist Convention recently approved a resolution call for the General Assembly to limit the annual interest rate on “payday” type loans to 36 percent. The following answers some of the frequently asked questions about payday lending and about why a cap is needed. The material has been provided by the Center for Responsible […]

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Chitwood to Pray Before Governor’s Speech

Dr. Paul Chitwood, executive director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, will be leading the opening prayer for a joint session of the state General Assembly called to hear the governor’s annual State of the Commonwealth address at 7 p.m. Eastern tonight (Jan. 4) at the state capitol building in Frankfort. The speech will air on […]

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