Gambling and the expansion of gambling are big issues in Kentucky. It can be a confusing topic as individuals try to reconcile the wild claims of a multi-billion dollar gambling industry with the common sense knowledge that gambling destroys lives. Watch the video below to meet just two families that have experienced firsthand the devastating impact of gambling in their lives.

You can download or order this video by visiting the downloads section of the KBC Web site.

Downloadable Resources

The following links offer a variety of resources to help interested citizens understand the true consequences of gambling in our state and the potential serious harm to our economy and people if casinos are allowed to operate. Resources include sermon helps, artwork, fact sheets and more. You’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files.

  • pdficon_large.gifFAQ on Expanding Gambling
    Got questions about expanded gambling? Check out this quick list of answers to common questions.
  • pdficon_large.gifGambling Expansion Clipart
    This artwork will help you clearly and powerfully communicate the damage caused by gambling.
  • pdficon_large.gifGambling Information Sources
    This round-up of resources will help you find out more about fighting gambling expansion.
  • pdficon_large.gifPetition Form
    You can do something to stop the expansion of gambling in Kentucky! Download this petition form, and collect signatures of those in your community opposed to expanded gambling in Kentucky.
  • pdficon_large.gifScriptural Basis for Opposing Gambling
    Gambling is not only a public policy issue. It is a moral one as well. Specifically, gambling violates a number of Biblical principles. Check out this scripture list, compiled by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.
  • pdficon_large.gifSermon – Gambling with One’s Life
    Based on 1 Timothy 6:10, this sermon by Jerry Price, Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission thoroughly explores the power and lies of gambling.
  • pdficon_large.gifSermon – What Happens When People Gamble
    In this powerful sermon, Paul Badgett, pastor of First Baptist Church, Pikeville, explores the impact of gambling.
  • pdficon_large.gifSermon Illustrations – Casinos
    Check out these interesting facts related to casinos, collected by Jerry Price, Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.
  • pdficon_large.gifSermon Illustrations – Gambling Addiction
    Check out these illustrations on gambling addiction gathered by Jerry Price, Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.
  • pdficon_large.gifSermon Illustrations – Internet Gambling
    Check out these illustrations collected by Jerry Price, Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.
  • pdficon_large.gifSermon Illustrations – Lotteries
    Many people dream of winning the lottery, thinking that it will make their life so much easier. But that may not be true, especially if those who win the big bucks continue to live as they have and keep the same attitudes. That’s the opinion of Richard Nelson, a policy analyst with The Family Foundation of Kentucky.
  • pdficon_large.gifSermon Outline – The Problems with Gambling
    Todd Gray, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Oak Grove, developed the following sermon outline. Kentucky pastors are welcome to use and adapt this outline.
  • pdficon_large.gifSports Betting
    ESPN estimates that 118 million Americans, some as young as 14, are caught up in a riptide of sports gambling that is rapidly jeopardizing the integrity of the sports we enjoy, as well as the futures of those who are drawn into its mesmerizing current. Even those who never go to Las Vegas or buy a lottery ticket will one day be confronted by an Internet pop-up ad, school friend or office colleague hoping to introduce the concept of pool betting. But Christians should be different. We must endeavor to keep ourselves above reproach in the area of gambling. At its core, gambling is rooted in idolatry, greed and a conscious choice to subvert God’s role in meeting our needs.
  • pdficon_large.gifKBC Gambling Resolutions
    Kentucky Baptists have spoken often against the expansion of gambling. This document contains five resolutions passed between 1993 and 2005.
  • pdficon_large.gif2007 KBC Resolution Opposing Gambling Expansion and Encouraging Churches to Teach About the Dangers of Gambling
    Approved Nov. 13, 2007 by messengers to the Kentucky Baptist Convention meeting at Severns Valley Baptist Church, Elizabethtown.
  • pdficon_large.gifSuggestions for Involvement
    Want to let your voice be heard on the issue of expanded gambling in Kentucky? Check out these suggestions for ways you can get involved.

Other Organizations Opposed To Gambling Expansion

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